Unprecedented opportunities for Biocoal development are occurring as a result of a number of simultaneous factors including the rising cost of oil, natural gas and electricity; the need for energy resource security; and climate change.

Sharp increases in oil, natural gas, propane, and some regional electricity prices during the last ten years have demonstrated consumer vulnerability to fluctuations in energy supply. Farmers are particularly vulnerable because as primary producers they are often expected to swallow higher energy costs. These high energy prices combined with low food commodity prices represent a double threat to the prosperity of individuals and industries worldwide.
One solution to resolve these problems is Biocoal from Ramit Bio Coal. By applying BioCoal, it would help diversify the economy, as well as allow us to increase their energy self-reliance and control the energy costs.
The need to find alternatives to fossil fuels and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions has peaked interest in Biocoals by energy specialists around the world. Biocoal Briquettes are developed from Seed Shells for use in heating applications. When Briquetted, it has considerable potential to displace oil, natural gas, and electricity used for heating fuel. This development can significantly reduce greenhouse gases and heating costs and sustainably assist the development of rural communities. Groundnut Shell is main biomass identified as ideal candidates for Biocoal production due low moisture contents, high net energy yield per hectare and low cost of production. These types of Shells are most favourably viewed, as it easily adapts to marginal soils and arid climates with minimal fertility and management requirements.

Crushed Ground Nut Shells have a high Calorie Value left in Shells, after the Ground Nuts are removed. These Shells are Ideal Raw Material for Bio Coal Mass and due to high Burning Value they are in most demand nowadays in the market. We at Ramit Bio-Coal specialise in making Bio Coal from Ground Nut Shells.

Bio Coal made by Ramit Bio Coal of Ground Nut Shells is a viable energy option suitable for widespread application requires an energetically efficient, economical, and convenient energy transformation pathway to meet consumer energy needs. The appliances like Boilers and Furnaces ment for Industrial used are capable of burning moderately high ash briquetted agricultural fuels at better efficiency. In India, Biocoal Briquettes are mainly used as a Fuel source, in major industries such as Textiles, Ceramic Tiles, Chemical Plants, Energy Powerplants, Liquor and Food Industries Etc. In this system, Biocoal Briquettes are used much like fuel and provide fuel conversion efficiencies and particulate emissions in the same range as modern oil furnaces. When burned in the gasifier stoves and furnaces, Biocoal Briquettes provides fuel conversion efficiencies and particulate emissions in the same range as modern oil furnaces. Briquettes of Biocoal directly substitutes coal, lignite or any other fuel, and can be utilized on a large scale without significant air pollution. The Biocoal Briquettes system is building on, and is likely to overtake, the existing fuel source for heating industry which is rapidly developing. Biocoal Briquettes is poised to become a major fuel source because it is capable of meeting some heating requirements at less cost than all available alternatives. The cost-effectiveness of Biocoal Briquettes as a fuel results from:

  Replacement of expensive high-grade energy forms in space and water heating
  Minimal biomass quality upgrading which limits energy loss from the feedstock
  Efficient combustion in advanced, affordable, and user-friendly devices

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