APPLICATION OF Groundnut Shell Bio Coal Briquettes

Groundnut Shell Bio Coal Briquettes from Ramit Bio Coal are widely used for any Thermal application where coal, lignite or any other fuel source can be utilized i.e. steam generation in boilers, heating purpose etc. Use of Bio Coal as a fuel for energy has shown some very promising results; and may eventually replace coal based gas producing systems and oil firing in furnaces permanently.

Bio Coal replaces the following conventional fuels that are used in mass quantities.

Diesel Kerosene Furnace Oil
Firewood Coal Lignite

Various Industries requiring Heating Applications in making of their products, can make maximum use of Bio Coal and also save their nations foreign exchange, which is used to purchase conventional fuels.

Ramit Bio Coal takes the major task at hand to replace the conventional fuels by offering industries to make  maximum use of Bio Coal and save nations foreign exchange.

Few applicable industries that are in practice of using Bio Coal as a Fuel Source are –

Ceramic and refectory Industries Spinning Mill
Solvent Extraction Plant Lamination Industries
Chemical Units Leather industries
Dyeing Plants Brick making units
Milk plant Others Ind. having thermal application.
Food processing Industries Gasifier Sys. in thermal
Vegetable plants Textile Unit

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